The Futures Of The Human Race
A book by Michael Godfrey Bell


A startling analysis of the interaction of artificial intelligence, the Internet, brain implants and virtual reality with globalization and the evolved human psyche.

The book delivers an optimistic message: that modern computer technology, especially in the form of the Internet, and globalization - these two in fact can hardly be separated - will reclaim major expanses of human endeavour for the direct involvement of people, largely bypassing the nation state.

Book One, 'Globalization', sketches the detail of this process, already surprisingly far advanced, under the five headings of Economics, Culture, Taxation, the Law and Politics. The final chapter of Book One is devoted to the Internet.

Book Two tracks the future of major human institutions such as the nation state and language as perfect, real-time translation, electricity-generating forests, robot pets, an Olympics for bionic people, access to the human subconscious, the end of compulsory work, electronic human clones and collective cognitive meeting spaces have their effect.

Book Three is a futuristic imaginary journey through the whole of the 21st century and beyond, building on the trends and advances mapped out in Book Two to create a vision of a very different, but still human world at the beginning of the 22nd century.

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